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WA-MS will host two events at ICOM 2023. The General Assembly on Wednesday, July 12, and a special WA-MS session on Tuesday, July 11, with information for the Education courses, a panel discussion, and several technical presentations by WA-MS members. Please join both events in Japan!

The WA-MS General Assembly takes place on Tuesday, July 12, at 13.50 h in Room 1 at the Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan. This assembly takes place only once per year and presents the most important meeting for WA-MS. This year, we will welcome the new executive committee represented by NAMS, the new steering committee with representatives from all three founding societies, and discuss updates from the working groups as well as a change to the legal status of WA-MS. The complete agenda is posted below:

WA-MS general assembly at ICOM 2023_notice-draft-v4.jpg

On Tuesday, July 11, WA-MS will host a special session in Room 5 starting at 14.00 h. Topics will include an overview of WA-MS, an introduction to the WA-MS education courses, a panel discussion on circular economy and technical presentations by Dibakar Bhattacharyya, Shinichi Minegishi, and Bart van der Bruggen. The session will conclude with closing remarks by the old and new WA-MS president. The complete agenda for the session is given below:

WA-MS session at ICOM 2023_v2.jpg

Please join us for both the sessions!

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