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Working Groups

The activities of the Association will be carried out in Working Groups, initiated by the Steering Committee. All members can participate in these working groups. Members of the World Association of Membrane Societies may have one formal representative in each working group, but there is no restriction on participation in the meetings of the working groups.

Working Parties have specific objectives, defined by the Steering Committee. The establishment of a new Working Group should be approved by the founding societies. The Working Groups operate independent of the Steering Committee.

The following Working Groups have been appointed by WA-MS Steering Committee:

Contacts with National Membrane Societies

DB Bhattacharyya (USA).jpg
Hideto Matsuyama, Kobe University.jpg
Bart Van der Bruggen, KU Leuven.jpg

Professor DB Bhattacharyya
University of Kentucky

Professor Hideto Matsuyama
Kobe University

Professor Bart Van der Bruggen
KU Leuven

Working Groups: Meet the Team

Website and Membrane Calendar Workgroup

Uwe Beuscher.jpg
Alexey Volkov.jpg
Antoine Kemperman.jpg
Xiwang Zhang (2).jpg

Doctor Uwe Beuscher
WL Gore

Professor Alexey Volkov

Dr. Ir. A.J.B. Kemperman (Antoine)
University of Twente

Prof Xiwang Zhang
Monash University

Working Groups: Meet the Team
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